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Acasă Jocuri Victoria
Victoria preview image
Steam Casual 2D SupernaturalPotrivește 3Horror
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Help Victoria get her vengeance against the poltergeist who killed her entire family

Match 3 or more weapon tiles to charge up your weapons before you can use them

Get ready to be frightened by the game’s eerie atmosphere and occasional jump scares

Victoria Miller lost her husband and two children in a tragic incident involving an aggressive poltergeist. Driven by her bitter need for revenge, she decided to pick up the ancient art of hunting supernatural beings and track the poltergeist across the United States. From werewolves to vampires, you’ll be able to play a crucial role in helping Victoria slay them all, essentially freeing the people who are trapped under these beings’ reigns of terror in this horror-themed match-3 adventure game, Victoria!

At its core, Victoria is a pretty standard match-3 puzzle game where you’ll need to make matches of 3 or more in order to remove the items from the playing area. Most levels require you to clear away blue tiles by matching over them but sometimes, you may be asked to make specific matches in order to use the many weapons that will eventually be available to you against the supernatural creature you’ll be fighting.

Unlike current match-3 games, this game doesn’t limit your moves. Instead, you are given a time limit of sorts - it's indicated via the bottle of holy water on the right side of the screen. If you don’t manage to clear away all the blue tiles within the time limit, Victoria will lose a life and you’ll have to start that chapter over. Even if Victoria lost all 3 of her lives, know that you'll get a save game for every chapter you clear so you can easily return to the beginning of the chapter and start again.

In this game, there are no special power-ups you can get by matching more than 3 items at a time, but it does provide you with a range of ghost-hunting weapons that works exactly like a power-up. For instance, the Fire Poker can be used to clear away a single layer of blue tile while Fire itself can burn away all the blue layers of a single tile (presumably). However, to use these weapons, the weapons will need to be charged up first, and to do that, you’ll need to make matches using only the tiles with the weapons’ icons on them.

For certain levels, these weapon tiles also double as… well, weapons. By matching them, you’ll be able to deal some damage to the supernatural creature you’re fighting against, be it a vengeful spirit or nasty witch. However, while matching, I hardly noticed that I’ve defeated the enemy. It would be nice for the creature, whatever it is, to emit a shriek or a howl of defeat after it’s slain. I also find it weird that sometimes, messages like “Attack Blocked” will pop up on the screen. I’m not sure what this message indicates since it doesn’t seem like Victoria’s being attacked by the supernatural being.

Being a horror-themed game, Victoria provides a nice and creepy atmosphere for you to be immersed in. Aside from the occasional eerie slam of the door or creaking of the stairs, the game also features jump scares that are intended to give you a scary jolt from time to time. You can try to avoid getting jump scares as often by matching salt tiles though.

Granted that the jump scares aren’t exactly very frightening unless you happen to be playing the game in the middle of the night, I find myself constantly bracing myself (mainly bunching up my shoulders) as I play. Victoria is definitely not the sort of match-3 game you’ll want to play to relax – it is more of a game that you play if you’re looking for a creepy thrill.

The graphics in this game is superb! The dark background really brings out the fear of the unknown in you and they are also varied, showing that you're actually moving from room to room while hunting for the supernatural being.

Couple that with excellent and randomly-timed sound effects, such as a ghostly wail, the crackle of thunder, or the creaks and groans of an old house, and music that covers you with a sense of foreboding, and you’ll end up getting an eerie game that’s truly immersive. If you really want to enjoy the game to the fullest, I’d recommend you to play the game at midnight. Every sound in the game seems to be amplified and the jump scares become a whole lot scarier.

When it comes to immersion, Victoria hits the nail on the head with its dark visuals, multiple jump scares, as well as creepy sound effects and music, giving it the perfect atmosphere for a horror-themed game. However, despite the supernatural-fighting bits, the gameplay in this game can be rather simplistic, and after some time, rather mundane. That said, considering that true horror-themed match-3 games can be pretty rare, Victoria might just fit snugly into the gaming niche it is obviously designed for. Victoria Rezumat

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miercuri, ianuarie 9, 2019

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Victoria: Gameplay Battling a vengeful spirit in Victoria Victoria: Charging up your weapon Help Victoria get her vengeance against the poltergeist who killed her entire family

Match 3 or more weapon tiles to charge up your weapons before you can use them

Get ready to be frightened by the game’s eerie atmosphere and occasional jump scares
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