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Игры, Как Bubble Witch Saga

Топ 10 игр, таких как Bubble Witch Saga
Bubble Witch Saga is an amazing game!

It is easy to play, but a challenge to master. The enchanting graphics that will leave you spellbound.

There are Over 150 magical levels & new ones weekly, and you can constantly watch the Leaderboards for you and your friends.

Enjoy Bombs, spider webs, doom bubbles, locks, bonuses and lots, lots more. Use potions and charms to help with those challenging levels.
Bubble Safari

Bubble Safari

Пузыри 10 Оценка Help Bubbles in the quest to save his friends!

Pop bubbles, get on fire, defeat poachers and beat hazards on this awesome safari adventure.

Collect Fruit to fuel Bubble's amazing journey!
Bubble Popp

Bubble Popp

Пузыри 10 Оценка Dive in for a treasure hunt deep on the ocean floor!

Feast on an explosion of color by forming groups of same colored bubbles and watching them explode while collecting gems.

Clear the level before time runs out and start your adventure.
Bubble Atlantis

Bubble Atlantis

Пузыри 8,8 Оценка Free the deep sea creatures and turn the tide against Zeus in this great bubble s game.

Find the 8 magic pearls hidden in this underwater realm and reach the highest scores.

Get power-ups, win rewards and complete all the levels in your mission to free Atlantis!
Bubble Epic

Bubble Epic

Пузыри 7,2 Оценка Start your adventure stranded on a mysterious island where perils and dangers loom everywhere.

Fight your way in exciting bubbles games through many different levels and reunite with your friends.

Meet colorful characters in a beautifully designed world and farm all the bubbles you can to win.
Bubbles and the 7 Dwarfs

7 Dwarfs

Пузыри 8,8 Оценка Help the Dwarfs find their Princess.

Shoot bubbles and get massive scores.

Defeat the evil wizard with your awesome bubble shooting skills.
Bubble Woods

Bubble Woods

Пузыри 10 Оценка The world's fastest bubble game! Feel the rush and pop as many bubbles as you can in 60 seconds!

Enter the magic forest and play against your friends in the weekly tournament.

Bubble Woods is Fantastic - so click to play!
Bubble Chronicles

Bubble Chronicles

Пузыри 6,2 Оценка Play Bubble Planet free on Facebook and help rescue a missing grandfather in this exciting bubble shooter game.

Help the children find their grandfather.

Shoot bubbles and score extra points for dropping them into barrels.

Join this epic journey as you travel through time.
Bubble Pirate Quest

Bubble Pirate

Пузыри 8,6 Оценка Begin your exciting new adventure on Bubble Pirate Quest.

Go through dozens of different challenging levels and clear all of them for the highest score.

Enjoy excellent graphics and voice on Facebook and mobile.
Bubble Angels

Bubble Angels

Пузыри 5,2 Оценка Match the bubbles to make them pop.

Use special powerups to finish levels.

Defeat the bosses and rescue your friends.
Bubbles And Seven Dwarfs

Bubbles & Dwarfs

Пузыри 8,2 Оценка Choose your favorite dwarf and start a quest to free this beatiful maiden!

Enjoy charming and delightful graphics with an amusing and intriguing soundtrack.

Play your favorite fairy tale characters and lots of fun and challenging levels!

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