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Блок Бастер Список Игр

Самые Популярные Блок Бастер Игры
Игры, где вы передвигаете группу блоков одного цвета, нажимая на них. Diamond Dash

Diamond Dash

Блок Бастер 7,4 Оценка Join the gem rush now! 60 action packed seconds to match three or as many colorful diamonds as possible! 65 million worldwide love this fast, colorful, and social game.

Enjoy a fun 5-star arcade experience as you unleash magic boosts and beat your friends high scores in the Weekly Tournament.

This popular, free, and top app has been featured for its rich blitz graphics, competitive jewel collapse clicking madness, and thrilling new updates by Wooga in Berlin.
Pet Rescue

Pet Rescue Saga

Блок Бастер 9 Оценка Rescue these cute pets from the evil pet capturers in this amazing block match game free on Facebook.

Match the coloured blocks to make them pop.

Rescue the cute pets by getting them to the ground.

Use boosters and special powers in your rescue attempts.


Блок Бастер 6 Оценка Travel to Diggle world and enjoy a new and unique match-3 game in a whole different way.

Solve puzzles in a great environment and set records among your friends and family.

With cute and colorful graphics, Diggle provides you a fantastic and exciting puzzle game.
Rainbow Rush

Rainbow Rush

Блок Бастер 7,3 Оценка Play Rainbow Rush and clear blocks in a fun fast paced free Facebook Game.

Click on groups of 3 or more blocks to blow them up.

Use awesome boosters to get massive scores.

Blow blocks faster for special bonuses.
Panda Jam

Panda Jam

Блок Бастер 7,5 Оценка Break the mean Baboon's cubed curse by matching and breaking colorful cubes.

Bust the blocks and save the baby pandas and beat the evil Baboon's tricks.

Purchase power-ups and get the highest score in several unique and fun islands with over 60 levels.


Блок Бастер - Оценка Gemclix offers a fun high paced and unique gem clearing game.

Click on the sets of gems while gems fall from above and avoid the gems hitting the roof.

Earn power-ups and move through endless levels with increasing speed and difficulty and really test your skills.
Collapse! Blast

Collapse! Blast

Блок Бастер 10 Оценка Enjoy a fresh new take on the popular block-matching game.

Collapse the similar blocks and gain the highest score to dominate the rankings.

Use power-ups like Color Bombs, Rainbow Bombs and the Thunderstack to boost your score even more.
Ruby Blast

Ruby Blast

Блок Бастер 8,2 Оценка Ruby Blast, is a fast, fun, game, where you match gems, dig through bedrock with help from friends!

Activate power-ups to reach high scores in a weekly leader board.

Ruby Blast follows intrepid archeologist, Ruby, in a high-speed race into the depths of an ancient mine where you smash through dirt to uncover hidden treasure and face off with friends.
Block Star Party

Block Star Party

Блок Бастер 6,3 Оценка Block Star Party is a puzzling action game where you can strategize, accessorize, and rank up to become the number one blob on the block.

Play against friends and family and show off your skills on Facebook.

Reach the highest score possible and rank up worldwide.
Fruits Party

Fruits Party

Блок Бастер 4 Оценка Play a fun and fast game by squashing fruits and try your skills before time runs out.

Find as many groups of three or more Fruits as possible and get a new high score in this fast paced game.

Use the giant juicer to increase your score and squash huge amounts of fruit.